Specification of digital advertising formats

These pages outline specifications for online advertising on Bauer Media Group Inc. websites in both technical and organizational aspects.

The navigation bar above allows you to view individual specifications for a variety of creative advertising tools and further articles.

The conditions for online advertising described on these pages are based on common market standards. We kindly request you to carefully read the relevant specifications and prepare and deliver your advertising accordingly.

Bauer Media Group Inc. reserves the right to refuse or reject advertising that does not conform to the technical specifications described here. Moreover, no guarantee can be given for a campaign start on time if the organizational conditions are not properly observed.

If you have questions regarding our specifications or issues not outlined on these pages, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your personal contact persons are shown at the bottom of each specification page.

Bauer Media Group Inc. supports the guidelines on advertising formats published by the IAB in the United States.